Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 6

After spending most of the night and day running and walking in the rain, it felt good to have a hot lunch and slip inside my sleeping bag for an hour.
2 years ago I did 278 miles in the 6 day race, which is about average for me and it looked like I could be right up there at the end of this day. It was nice to be rain free, well there were the odd sprinkles. With the colder temps after the rain and just the fact that the rain takes a lot out of your legs, I wasn't sure what day 6 would be like.
My breaks during the night were a bit more frequent, but by the end of it all I had 41 miles for day 6 and a total of 273. So pretty decent. I had also separated myself from 3 runners behind me on the board.This had come about by me just being consistent I think.

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