Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 months and counting

Last Wednesday marked 11 months since I missed a day of running, the longest streak I have put together for sometime. There has not been a day when I did not want to go out and had to talk myself into it. When I had my back problem in late October it was difficult to get out there and run, but I wanted to get out there and do it.
My plan is to keep update this blog a bit more often.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stubbed toe

I got back from Bosnia early this morning and in my haste to get out and run I stubbed my toe on the bottom of a cabinet while only wearing socks. You know how it really hurts for a few seconds and then feels better, well it was still a little sore when I went out for my run, but got better as I went on. However when I took my sock off to go for a shower the tip of the middle toe on my left foot was purple, but not swollen. Already this morning ( after 24 hours ) it is much better and I do not anticipate any major problems running. By the way my streak is at 320 days and will hit 11 months in a couple of weeks time.