Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 2

Each runner shares a table in this "Dug out" with another. This is where you can take a short break and keep a few items you may need handy.
At the end of each day they serve a hot vegetarian lunch, ( each day is from noon to noon)I usually eat this then sleep for 1 hour. The afternoon of day 2 was even hotter than day 1, so for me the idea is to try to take it easy and get whatever miles I can. I do this until 7 pm when they serve dinner. After dinner I walk 2 easy miles then go to the dorm where I sleep until 11:30. This is a schedule I developed 6 years ago and seems to work for me.
I have found that during the night it is much easier for me to accumulate miles.
I usually do not have a problem with my feet for the first 4 days, but in this race it started on day 2. I started developing blisters on the base of my fourth toe on each foot. I know how to deal with this so it was not too big a deal. In most races I manage to do around 50 miles on day 2, but by the end of this one I only added 42, for a total of 105. I felt strong and wasn't worried and was ready for lunch.

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