Monday, September 21, 2009

World Harmony Run

Tomorrow afternoon I will take a train to Belgrade with my friend Milan. We are going to join the World Harmony run. He will be with them for about 5 days, but I will be there for almost 2 weeks.In May I was on the run in Slovenia and Italy. This time I will be going to Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. You can check out the website and get some information on it and see daily reports. If I get a connection and the time I will post something during my trip.

Oh yeah! I signed up for the Ljubljana Marathon, it's on October 25th

Saturday, September 19, 2009

15 minutes

The weekly 2 mile race in Ljubljana is on a 400 meter track. This morning the weather was overcast and quite mild. There were the usual 3 runners and believe it or not, this week I was 2nd. I was working herd to go under 15 minutes, but as I crossed the line the clock rolled over to 15 minutes. Of course this is an improvement and I am happy with it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aches and pains

The day was pretty uneventful as it goes.I did go out for a run this afternoon in a light rain and it was very nice.I have noticed that the last couple of days I have had a few minor aches and pains. Not sure if this is because of old age or the change in the weather.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I figured out what was causing my sore ankle and treated it. Sometimes the problem is not the ankle,but the calf muscle. I found the spot where it was hurting and used a little acupressure. I then went out and ran for 33 minutes without a problem. It actually felt good and I felt like I was running with good form.

A week later

Last week in New York it was raining for the 2 mile race. This week in Ljubljana it was also raining. For some reason my right ankle began feeling sore on my run home on Friday and was still feeling so when I ran out to the race, so I decided to not race, but just jog a couple of miles. Funnily enough it started to feel better on my way back home.

My friend Abichal ran in a 6 day race in Sweden which finished on Saturday, he had a final total of 501 km. Another friend, Sarah Barnett won the women's division with a total of 713.9 km. Well done to both of them.