Monday, September 22, 2014

This past weekend

On Sunday I ran the 8th annual Sarajevo Half Marathon, it was my second half marathon of the year. The first one being at the beginning of March. The conditions were quite different and I had a summer of training as opposed to a winter of training before it. I only managed to get a number the evening before the race. The temperature at the start was around 15 C and morning Sun for the 9am start, However the humidity was 90%. With 800+ starters it was the biggest field for the race so far. Shortly after the start you go up to what was the 1984 winter Olympic village and actually get to run about 2/3 of the track of the Olympic stadium. As the race went on  the temperature rose a little the Sun got stronger and the humidity drop just a few points to around 87% Early on a kind of teamed up with a few runners that stayed pretty close throughout the race and in the last 5 km began to run with one who runner who kept me moving to the finish line. It turned out we had a mutual friend and so conversation kept us occupied. So we finished together in 2:31:23. Which I think is around 8 minutes faster than in March on a little tougher course, but then all races are different
Oh yeah and it was International Peace Day so I ran in this shirt :)