Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 3

I forgot to mention that for the last half of day 2 and first half of day 3 it was Luis Rio's Birthday.A little before lunch was served at the end of day 2 we had a party. The video above is Luis cutting the cake.
Day 3 was much cooler and by now I was starting to get in to the routine of the race. After my usual nap I was back out on the course. During the day you find others that are either running or walking at the same pace. Since I have done a few of these races ( this was in fact my 25th Multi Day ), newer runners or first timers often ask me for advice, or how to deal with a particular problem they may have. I am always glad to try and help.
In the dorm I was sharing with 9 other runners it can be surprisingly quiet at night and is not so hard to sleep. At least I slept well.
Again by the end of day 3 I had run another 42 miles a distance I seemed to be settling in to. This gave me a 3 day total of 147 miles, slightly less than I had planned , but I was satisfied.

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