Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Well I went to Belgrade for the 12 hour race. On the way there I developed a cold, which just before the race start included a very runny nose. There no idea of me not running so I began the run at midnight.For the first few hours I felt good though my nose was running a lot and I was also sweating a lot, then I went through a period where my energy was quite low, but I was able to keep moving.During this time I wondered if I would achieve any decent mileage, but told myself to just make it to sunrise. I made it to sunrise and things improved, I ended up with 42 miles ( 68 Km ), which I was quite happy with and also finished 3rd in my age group. In the past when I am in decent shape I can run around 50 miles ( 80 Km ), well at this age anyway.