Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 10 - The end

I started the last day of the race with only 8 miles needed to 400 miles. So I was pretty relaxed. I reached this goal around 4 in the afternoon. One of my friends, Sanatan was so encouraging, he kept telling me he wouldn't leave until I hit 400. During the rest of the time until dinner I just walked and jogged a few more miles.
Traditionally on the last night the cooks get the night of ( sort of ), when the race directors for the evening shift bring pizza. I had the permitted 2 slices and then went to bed.
Some people like to push through the night to get extra miles, but I have spent the last 9 days training my body to a schedule and I stick to it on the last night. Marty Sprengelmeyer told me as he completed the 1300 mile race some years ago, that he made the mistake of not taking his usual breaks near the end and as a result struggled with his body wanting that break.
I spent the morning chatting and walking with some of the Russian runners, suddenly realizing with 2 hours to go that I had reached 427 miles. The number 27 is special to me, so I decided that this was a good place to stop. Another race completed.
After a special Lasagna lunch the awards ceremony took place and few goodbyes were exchanged and in the crowds a few missed.

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