Thursday, April 10, 2014

Half Marathon

On the first weekend of March I went with some friends to Nish. Serbia. This is my fourth year in a row that I have gone to run the Half Marathon there. Each year I am getting slower, but of course each year I am getting older :). It rained during the whole race, just a steady rain nothing really heavy. My time was 2:39, which is my slowest outside of an Ultra Marathon. However it is the first time I have run as a 60 year old, so a personal best in that age group. Anyone who knows me from this blog knows that I am just happy to run and hopefully finish.
On March 30 I joined the Oneness Home Peace run in Bosnia and Hercegovina, driving with a friend to Trebinje where the International team had entered from Montenegro. We stayed with the team for 3 days which included some very important meetings in Sarajevo, one with a member of the Presidency and the other head of the OHR. We will join the team again in the middle of April for 4 days in Slovenia.

Happy Running