Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things change

Yesterday I struggled a little on my run I thought maybe it was because I was running in the morning and I have been running in the afternoons mostly. It was also a little more humid and little warmer than previous days. This morning I went out with the idea of maybe running for 30 minutes, but when I got out there it felt good and I decided to run from my place to Brankov bridge, which is the bridge I cross to get to the city each day. On the way back I could feel that my form was quite good and it was nice to run. I saw a really nice Buddha on one of the floating structures on the river, which was cool.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Change of weather.

It has been quite hot here in Belgrade, we even had a few days where it was 40C or more. Last weekend I went to Slovenia for a couple of days, actually staying 1 night in the Olympic sports center in Planica and managing to get an early morning run in up there, where it was nice and cool. I have been running in the early evenings here in Belgrade because it is usually a little more pleasant. 2 days ago it rained here and now the high temp's are in the 24C range so that makes a huge difference, especially when I read about high temp's and high humidity in New York . Where I would have been doing my running just a few summer's ago.