Saturday, January 31, 2009

A free race today

Due to the cold and somewhat icy conditions today the fee for the 2 mile race was waived. The turn out was quite small ( I think about 10). There was a strong headwind again just like last week. It felt like I was pushing for the whole race, but at times it also seemed like I was in slow motion. The runner just ahead of me looked like he was jogging, but I couldn't seem to get any closer. My finishing time was either 15:59 or 16:00. There was a problem with the clock and times were given from my watch, which I had given to the race director at the start.
Despite all these things I was faster than last week and have slowly improved with each race, so far this year. I think my times were better last year, but the weather was much warmer. Anyway I am happy to go out and try to run fast short races.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running in the cold with a cold

Still a bit congested and have a little bit of a bronchial cough. But that was not going to stop me going out in 16 degree F weather for my Sunday run. My Sunday running partner Utpal is off in sunnier climes for a few weeks. So it was up to me to get out there and run alone. It actually felt a little colder than I thought when I got out there. You know once you get going you soon warm up. I managed to run for an hour and maybe because of my physical condition, felt a little sore at the end, but I was happy I went out there and ran.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strange race today

This mornings 2 mile race was kinda strange for me. It was not too cold, but there was a strong wind. It is a loop course, but it seemed as though I was running into a headwind for more than half of the race. It was only during and after the race that I realized I was a little sick. I have found in the past. that if there is something there, the 2 mile race will bring it out. Now I have to spend the weekend getting rid of it.
Speaking of the weekend, it is the FA Cup fourth round and my beloved Wolves are home to Middlesborough.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy Sunday morning run

Much milder than yesterday, but still cold, 25 F ( -4 C ). There is snow falling, but right on 7am I met Utpal on the corner and off we went for our Sunday run. Of course it was a chance for us to catch up on a few things, but mainly it was jst nice to be out there running in Queens on a Sunday morning. Stopping in at our local cafe
( Panorama ) for a hot tea and scone at the end of our run.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold first race in New York

Woke up with a bit of a stuffy nose and it was 8 F out there, that's -13 C. The usual 2 mile race took place and of course I was out there, wrapped up pretty good, so it didn't feel that cold. I do not run that fast when it's that cold. I am just happy to run the race, but it does set my starting standard for the year. My time was 16:20, which I am quite happy with. Many of the top runners are out of town, so I managed to place 6th amongst the men, 8th overall.
It was interesting for me to see how I felt after my race 2 weeks ago in Slovenia and all the traveling I have done in the last 9 days.
I made the decision to run a 50k race on Long Island March 1st, so that gives me about 6 weeks to get ready.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last run A449

This is my last day on this trip, I fly back to New York early tomorrow. So this morning I took my last Sunday run up the A449.It got really cold last night, but the weather was kind to me this morning, a little windy but not too cold. I ran out to Acton Trussel, actually running for 67 minutes. I did feel my legs a little bit, maybe the result of the 2 mountain runs and the traveling. I do feel that this has helped me get stronger and will pay off in the Spring. Though I did miss 1 day on this trip, I think it has been a good month of training.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Running on snow

Yesterday in the afternoon I went with Marjan to a different part of Pohorje and ran on x country ski trails, for 2 hours. My legs were quite tired when I ran just a couple of miles this afternoon. I am really happy with the few days of winter traing that I have been able to put in.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mountain Run

This morning I ran in a race up a mountain called Pohorje. We started on a snow covered road and then went on to trails and ski slopes. Most of the runners use ski poles or walking poles, it is very difficult, especially without poles. The race is only 3.8 km, but rise 700 meters in elevation.. The last part is like going up a very steep flight of stairs about 200 meters long. It really works the legs and lungs. At the top you get a health food bar and hot herbal tea. Then you go back down to the start and easier way. It took me about 55 minutes and then another 40 to get back down. Later we had a Pizza party and a slide show of the seasons races. It was really nice.