Monday, May 13, 2013

World Harmony Run/ Peace Run.

The Oness-Home Peace Run  began life in 1987 then after the events of September 11, 2001 was suspended for a short time re- emerging as the World Harmony Run, after reaching it's 25th anniversary last year it was decided to return to the original name and so 2013 is a transitional year, it is also and off year meaning that it consists of mainly regional and local runs.
On May 1 I joined the run in Zagreb Croatia and visited 2 schools there, then we moved on to Vukovar where we visited 2 schools in the area and in the afternoon of May 3 we attended an event that we had been invited to by the President of Croatia and presented him with the Peace torch, it was a very nice meeting. Finally on the weekend we went to Brcko in Bosnia and Hercegovina and on  Saturday presented the torch to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor at the city hall. Quite an eventful few days.

This Sunday I helped my friend Elvir run in the Run for Europe 4k race, we ran a time of 19:31 he had been running 30 minutes for 4k in training so was very happy with his time.

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