Friday, May 24, 2013

Running shoes

Someone asked me the other day, "What running shoes do you recommend ?". Well that is hard to say, I could simply say the ones that are best for you, but then it depends on how you are planning on running.
In my early years I would often try shoes that my friends would say were really great shoes regardless of brand name. My main requirement was that they felt good on my feet, but I would find that some shoes would give me problems. Some of them would give me cramps across mt foot, others would give me knee pain, but I would try them all. Eventually I found that for me Addidas and Asics were the best shoes for me. They felt great on my feet and never gave me problems. I had friends that swore by Nike or Saucony, so you see it begins with trial and error. Once you have found the make of shoe that is best for you then stick with them, when I tried other ones later in life I ended up with a nice pair of walking around shoes. Within the brand of shoe you choose you will find ones that are good for the type of running you are doing, whether light ones for short fast races or more stable ones for longer races. I personally alternate between Addidas and Asics and find they are best for comfort and running style. Some running shops will let you try out the shoes in the shop or a few steps outside before buying and you can see how they feel on your feet. I don't go in for the fancy new claims that the shoe companies have for improved design , I just like a basic shoe that feels good on my feet when I run.
I hope this is  answers the question a little, just find the best shoe for you and stick with them. When you change shoes a lot it changes the structure of you running style. :)

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