Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fastest this year

It's 6 days since the 50k race and a beautiful morning. There was bright sunshine and although the temperature read 42F, it felt warmer. I felt pretty good as I started the 2 mile race, but was not quite sure how fast I was running. There is a short steep hill about half way around the loop, I always try to maintain my leg speed up this hill and sometimes re pass runners who have passed me just before. About half way through the second mile I started to feel my legs were tired from the race last Sunday, but I just tried to keep my form. I had gone through the first mile in 7:44 then ran the second mile a little slower in 7:58, for a finishing time of 15:42. Which is not as fast as my friend Amanda thought I should run, but still my fastest time so far this year. I can usually get it down to around 14 by the summer.

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