Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sore and Happy

IT was supposed to be the perfect weekend for a 24 hour race. Cool and sunny, dry ( no rain forecast). There were 60+ runners at the start of the Ted Corbitt 24 hour race, a lot of old friends and some more recent ones. I got into a comfortable pace, the park where the race was is very scenic so that made the run even nicer.A couple of hours into the race we had a rain shower, but not enough to really bother anyone. I seemed quite comfortable for the first 14.5 hour, then I started to have some problems. I plodded on to the 16 hour mark then took a 45 minute sleep break, this helped and on returning established a solid mix of running and walking. After 1 more hour the rain started and was on and off for the next 4 hours. Sri Chinmoy Marathon team member Arpan De Angelo briefly held the lead in the race and held on to finish second. I was very happy to finish with 76.5 miles, which split the difference between my 2 races last year.
So here I am sore and happy.

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