Friday, January 25, 2008

Ted Corbit

On December 12 2007 a legend of American Ultra running died, it was the day after my 54th birthday so I didn't want to write anything. 6 weeks have gone by and I am settled back in New York so now is the time.
I was fortunate enough to know Ted quite well, I can say he was my friend, as he was the friend of everyone he met, he was that kind of person.
I had heard of him long before I met him for the first time, but when you meet him it is something special. He is the embodiment of humility and was forever willing to share all the knowledge he had gained over the years with anyone who asked.
I remember on one occasion we were talking at an art exhibition we were both attending, he asked me about my running and I told him about a problem I was having with my left ankle. He immediately told me that he thought there was not a big problem, then told me some exercises to do to help it.
I had the chance to run with him a few times over the years and again the sense of calm and gentle control he had was so inspiring. He touched and inspired so many people over his 80+ years and he will be greatly missed, but I also think that ideals will spur the efforts of many runners for years to come.

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