Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two weeks before the Ottawa 24 hour race I ran a marathon in 4 : 51:43, the next 2 weeks were recovery weeks with just a little running. I flew up on the Friday, my flight went from New York to Washington DC, then to Ottawa.I was lucky to stay with friends and arrived early at the track on the morning of the race. The weather was pleasant and as you can see from the photo's, sunny.My main goal in these races is to remain cheerful and I think you can see that I had a smile on my face. Every time I approached the counters I tried to smile and thank them. Other than the fact that I am slow and of course I got tired as the day went into night I think I had a pretty good race. I had no problems with blisters and just general aches and pains after the race, which 5 hours of sleep in the afternoon seemed to help. In fact I think I actually felt better after the 24 hour race than I did after the marathon 2 weeks earlier.

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