Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last night I suddenly had developed a weakness in my right ankle, it felt like a compression in the joint and it wouldn't bare any weight. I know in the past when I have had this kind of problem that the real cause is in fact the calf muscle, so I worked on that. This morning it was still there but not so bad, also when I walked around a bit it seemed to get better.Undeterred I went out for my usual Sunday run with my friend Utpal. I decided it would be nice to run out to Flushing Meadow Park and run part of the course where the Ultra Trio would be being run at this moment if they were still putting it on. If I was still running in the 1000 mile race it would start today. Anyway we had a nice easy run extended in to different parts of the park and ended up running for 2 hours. There is still some soreness in the ankle but it seems to be OK. I have signed up to run The Lakefront 50K in Chicago in 5 weeks time and may run a 6 hour race here on Long Island in 3weeks, so it's back to serious training.

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