Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last weekend I ran a 24 hour race in Ottawa, this was the track it was on, the Terry Fox track.I haven't been running 24 hour races for about 20 years, but after recovering from a foot injury in April I started to get the inspiration to run them again. My main goal in running these races is to enjoy myself and share something of myself with the other runners.
The weather was great and the field of 32 runners seemed to have a good time, I managed to chat with about a third of them. The top runners completed over 200 km. I did 130 km and I am quite happy with that.
I used some frequent flyer miles to make the trip from NYC, this involved me taking 3 flights to get back on Monday. During the week I felt pretty good and just ran a couple of times.
Every Saturday morning there is a 2 mile race around a school about5 minutes walk from my house. This morning I ran a time of 14:46, which is my second fastest time this year, so I guess my recovery from the previous weekend's adventure went well. I am looking at other ultra races in the coming months, but my running just goes on.

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