Thursday, August 19, 2010

New adventure

in a couple of weeks time I will be off on another leg of the World Harmony Run, actually the last leg of the European run. The run will end with a closing ceremony in Moscow on September 27. I need a visa for Russia and spent 2 days this week trying to get one. The invitation that my friends in Moscow sent me had some mistakes in it which were pointed out to me by the clerk at the Embassy here. He made a call and said they would fax a new one to them and I should come back tomorrow, which I did only to find out that the invite had not come. He made another call and I ended up waiting a couple of hours for it to eventually arrive. The staff at the Embassy treated me very well and I was most grateful. I should now get my visa on Monday and leave for Belgrade on Tuesday, where I will get a visa for Belorus, which does not have an embassy in Ljubljana. Then on September 1 I fly to Finland to start the run.

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