Friday, May 8, 2009

6 Day race part 2

The 4th day was much cooler, but of the runners in the race had left which affects the race a little. My day started quite well and when I took my sleep break I slept really well, in fact I took the longest sleep of 5 hours. When I woke and went out on to the track I noticed I was struggling a little. I had the feeling that I was not as strong as I thought after my sickness 3 weeks before the race. I tried to hold it together, but had my lowest day of 38 miles.
Day 5 was better and Andy Cable who was just behind me in mileage pushed me on a little . It was interesting to see how the top 2 ladies in both the 10 day and 6 day were pushing each other along. My blister problems started to improve with the cold weather and I ended up with 41 miles on day 5.
Shortly after day 6 began the rains came. They were quite hard at times and parts of the course got a little flooded, which made things interesting. Since it is the last day a lot of runners spend time on the course. Most are looking at possible finishing distances. There was a respite from the rain during the night and then one last storm before the end of the race.The last few hours were pretty exciting because Dipali was approaching the World record and Pam reed in second place was approaching the American record. For me Andy had closed up to with 8 or 9 miles, but could not catch me so I settled for 270 miles, a last day of 38. I had done 273 in the first 6 days of the 10 day last year, so that seemed alright.

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