Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainy Day

It is one of those weekends when there are a lot of people in town and over 250 of them come out to the 2 mile race. So I run early and then help out with the organization of this weeks race.One of my friends from the Pacific North West wins the race with a time of 9:42
Later in the day it started to rain and has been doing so for a while. I spent some time with friends, partly talking about my move back to Europe and the new adventures that will bring. A couple of my running friends are already talking about a race in June in Austria, so we will see.
By the way, it is early in my friends training, so it was a comfortable 9:42.Though there was a guy on his shoulder until the final kick.

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runamanda said...

I still can't believe your moving :(