Saturday, February 16, 2008

Responding Well

I have increased my mileage for the last 2 weeks, averaging 5 miles a day last week and 6 miles a day this week. When I start to get in the groove, where I run and how far I run becomes instinctive. I have noticed for the last couple of days that my breathing has been very good. Which was a little surprising because I had been exhibiting cold symptoms earlier in the week.
This morning was the usual 2 mile race and I noticed that my legs felt quite tired after the first mile, but that they felt fine for the last 1/2 mile and my breathing was good . This allowed me to push a little at the end.

When I went out for my second run this afternoon the idea was to run an easy 3 miles, but as I came to my turning point I just kept going and eventually ran 5 miles instead.. It feels as though my body is getting used to the increase in training miles and is responding well.

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