Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I read a few other running blogs, one of which is Scott Jurek's. In one of his posts he recomended a book on Vegetarian Sports Nutrition by Ennet Larson-Meyer. Well I bought it on and it arrived yesterday. It's great! it has some great suggestions for drinks and food I can use during training and races, that will really help my energy levels and also with my recovery from long runs and races. Something I also discovered recently are Chia seeds, which are amazing, because you put them in water and after a few minutes they make a gel, which can be used as an alternative to some of those sports gels and you control what goes into them. So I am making lots of new discoveries that will hopefully help me with my races and training in the future.


odd facts said...

I like to run too. But I am also kinda lazy. If I want to stay motivated,I have to watch Chariots of Fire over and over.

rhody said...

Hey - I stumbled on Chia Seeds recently too. They are great for hydration and are an incredible source of Omega-3s and antioxidants. If you want to read a great piece about them go to That's also where I get mine from - they have great prices and ship same day.

Good luck with the running! I'm signing up for my third 10-K for January.

rhody said...
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