Saturday, October 6, 2007

After I got back from the 24 hour in Ottawa I felt really good. The next 2 Saturday's I ran some fast(for me ) 2 mile races and my recovery seemed good. Then things changed a little, it started with an ankle problem then a a stomach bug and finally sciatica. Sometimes we get all excited about running more and more, but the body decides to slow us down. I have a 50k race coming up and wanted to do some serious training, but I think what I really need is to fully recover. When I look back I can see that I have done quite a lot, since July I have run 2 24 hour races and a Marathon, then I started running fast 2 mile races. Finally my wisdom has caught up with me and made me realize that I need to take it easy between long races, if I don't my body will stop me. Anyway I have 3 weeks before the 50k in Chicago, I have to slowly let myself build up to it I have the training mileage in the races I've done, so I just have to let it happen.

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