Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday and Sunday.

On Friday as I tied up my running shoes to go out for a run I was still a little sick from some flu bug and it was raining and cold, but the desire to run was there and as it happened the run would mark 20 months without missing a day.
On Sunday when I went out for my run my legs felt a bit like the 3rd day of a 6 day race, but I managed my usual run. I noticed that there was a guy with some tables and and paper cups at the bridge near where I finish my run. Remembering that  the Sarajevo Half Marathon was happening I realized that this was an aid station.and decided to return there later to watch part of the race.The running conditions where good, about 11 C and sunny and I quickly found out that the aid station was at the turnaround. I got to see the leaders and check out what there times were at the halfway point. The race is fairly new, just a few years old and there were just over 300 runners. My friend Amur came from Banja Luka, but I somehow missed him when he ran by. There were a few Americans, who I assume live and work in Bosnia and others from Serbia and Slovenia, but the race was won by a Bosnain in a time of 1:06. Maybe I will run next year.

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