Sunday, August 28, 2011


My meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy would have been 80 years old yesterday. Among the many thing he taught me was that life is about experience and from this experience we learn to move forward in our lives. This morning when I went out to run I had a quite strong pain in my left hip and a couple of times it wanted to spasm. I started by walking about 50 meters and then try to jog, but it didn't want to let me. ordinarily my mind would have said don't run go home and rest the problem. I have been running multiday races for about 25 years now and have learned a few things. So I continued to walk and focus on relaxing the muscles in my hip area. After a few more minutes I tried again to jog. This time the pain had subsided and I could run, by the time my run was finished I was running comfortably. Of course if the pain had increased that would have been a different matter, but experience has taught me to not give up after just a few steps.

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