Thursday, May 6, 2010

Self- Transcendence 6 day race

On April 19 I manged to fly out of Trieste airport in Northern Italy when the ash cloud that had closed it for 2 days moved and allowed my flight to take place. The airport was closed again the next day, so there you go. I arrived in NY an hour late and my bag arrived a day later after spending an extra day in Rome. I had 3 days to to get my stuff together which included recovering from a bad cold I had the previous week.
The race began a noon on April 23. it was a sunny, but not too warm day. Though I quickly got into my usual pattern of running and walking and sharing some news with fellow runners, I ended up with a first day total that was about 8 miles short of usual. On the evening of the second day the rain came and along with it my cold became bad again. For the next 3 days I pushed on as best I could, but found that my sleep breaks were longer than in previous races and my mileage was low. It sort of worked out that I was a day behind on my usual daily numbers, so that my final distance covered in 6 days was 222 miles. My total last year was 277 and this is about my average for 6 days. Anyway I have always felt it is not about the mileage, but more about the experience and once again I learned a lot about myself and many of the other people in the race. This is what multiday racing is all about.