Saturday, August 22, 2009

No speed, well enough for now.

I ran the Saturday morning 2 mile race. It had rained quite heavily during the night and was still raining lightly when the race got underway. There was quite a big field of runners and I firmly planted myself in the middle of them. My time was 15:34 which was in fact 4 seconds faster my race in Ljubljana 2 weeks ago so not too bad. I do of course have a marathon to run in 4 days so it was a nice workout.

After the rain it is a little cooler, but the humidity is still there for now.

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runamanda said...

If you go I could use a crew man!!!!!!! they are not sending anyone with us... We are alone..... things look like I am going to get to go because of the blessing of other runners.... Also i think you can enter the race too.